Part III – Stairwell Light Fixture Blog Series: Ultrasonic vs. Microwave Sensor Technologies – Which is Best?

Microwave and Ultrasonic Stairwell Light Fixtures

(Clue: That depends)   Ultrasonic Ultrasonic technology transmits pulses of ultrasonic waves and measures the changes of reflection off a moving target. The fixture incorporating the Watt Stopper® Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor and dimmable ballast triggers the ballast to full “ON” wattage output when it detects motion. In stand-by mode, it dims down the lamps to […]

T12 Lighting Technology Phase-out: 75% Potential Savings


Fluorescent linear T12 lighting was the most widely used technology in commercial buildings until about 10 years ago. Now a declining technology, the rising popularity of its challengers T8 and T5 is due to better performance and energy efficiency—and most important for building owners and managers, savings in lighting costs. I’ve seen savings as high […]

The Color of Light

Color Temperature

Have you ever wondered why humans are emotionally affected by the color of light? Why do we enjoy the bright sunshine, feel its warmth, and energy? Why are we comfortable with the bluish-white “daylight” color but we are uncomfortable with that same color of light when it illuminates a room after dark?  Early cool-white compact […]

What is the Life Expectancy of a Tube Guard?

Tube Guards

Many of you have asked, what is the life expectancy of a tube guard? We have your answer. The typical life expectancy of a polycarbonate tube guard depends on a number of factors; the spectral output of the lamp being used (generally less harmful to plastics than sunlight), the indoor or outdoor location, as well […]

Electrical Contractor & Distributor Solutions

Engineered Products Company (EPCO) is the premier brand supplier of specialty products to Electrical Distributors and Contractors. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, EPCO has supported the electrical industry since 1976 by supplying a broad range of standard and unique consumables for commercial, industrial, residential and agriculture buildings.